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Nicole Krauss on Travel vs. Vacation

I’d always been set against beach vacations; they seemed indulgent, lazy, and uneducational. Now it dawned on me that they were all of those things, attractively so; that a vacation was something entirely different from traveling, or even taking a trip, which is what I had been doing all these years, first on my own, and then with my family. Traveling has always been about throwing myself into the unknown—an expansive intake of experience, a bracing and heightened exposure. At the bottom of my wanderlust is the hope that, freed of the ordinary, alert and alive to even the tiniest things, what I find in that other place will be revelatory enough to change me. But vacation—that was something else entirely. To want only to rest and recuperate, to be removed from it all, to enjoy oneself effortlessly—was that really too much to ask? What did I have against paradise?

Nicole Krauss discovers the pleasures of a beach vacation while visiting Turks and Caicos (Condé Nast Traveler)


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[H]onestly, there have been hard throwers and one-pitch wonders and mechanical marvels and late-inning velo spikes. Nobody now, on the other hand, and almost certainly nobody ever has been like Moyer. Other pitchers live on that eighth of an inch that separates ball from strike, and others throw into their 40s, and others recover from a blown-out elbow, and others dance with the devil in radar-gun readings that wouldn’t merit a ticket on most interstates. Never has one commingled the four into such an impossible-to-fathom left arm that refuses to go away.
Jamie Moyer’s comeback at age 49 with the Rockies certifies him as a ‘freak’ worth savoring - MLB - Yahoo! Sports (via ericangevine)
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